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linebyline's Journal

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writing inspiration and community participation
Current line

at the social security office

*Tag your post with "at the social security office"
*Use the theme or the line
*Highlight, bold, or italicize the line

And remember, if you see a poem you like you can tag it with "comm favorites".

Rules Update:

In order to keep this community going and give us all more freedom to post, you are now allowed to post any line that has been used in the linebyline history.

Please be sure to tag your post with the correct line so that users can see all works associated with that line and so that I can make sure you are meeting the community guidelines of only posting lines or themes (not other work).

***If you forget to tag, I will give you a warning asking you to tag your piece. Please be sure to tag 24 hours after the warning. If you don't tag I will delete your piece.***

Thank you all and I hope that this will allow this community to thrive! I will continue posting new lines regularly.

To view all the New Lines posts you can visit: http://linebyline.livejournal.com/tag/new%20line
To view all the tags for this community you can visit: http://linebyline.livejournal.com/tag/
Tags: rules

1) Please remember to tag the line when you post your entry.
2) Please bold or otherwise indicate where the line is used in your piece of writing (unless it will change the artistic emphasis or value of your piece).
3) Please LJ cut long entries (more than 3 paragraphs or stanzas).


Comment Mavens:


To use a shared line, phrase, sentence, or title to create stylistically different pieces of writing all from the same inspiration.


+You must use the line in some way in your piece of writing.
+Do not post a piece using an old line after the new line has been posted.
+Give constructive comments. Please be nice.
+Please separate every paragraph with an extra space so that it is more easily read.
+LJ cut long entries.


I post a line of dialog, title, or sentence and everyone in the community (if they have time) will post a story, poem, or prose using the dialog, title, or line.

The moderators will be the only ones to post the weekly lines, but if you have ideas for line tell us and when they are used you will be credited.

Everyone has a week or two to post their work.

Anyone is welcome.

More about this community:

In a nutshell: you must use the current line in your piece of writing.

This community is an experiment in writing. It shows the many different ways one line or phrase can be interpreted, often with interesting results. If you have any lines you would like to suggest, feel free to comment on the entry for the latest line.

Lines that are very active will change after about 1 week (or less), while lines that are less active may be changed after a longer period of time.

It is strongly encouraged that you add this community to your friend's page after you join, so that you will know when a new line is posted.

About deletion of entries:

If you do not include the line in your post then, sadly, I will have to delete your entry.

I usually give the poster a warning before deleting an entry and give them a day to add the line to their post.

Also, if you post using an old line after a new line has been posted your entry will be deleted.

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created by bahia